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Passportpaul is a DJ hailing from Chicago, IL. Influences come from all regions and sounds.

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My Story

My passion for music and becoming a DJ came from the festival scene. My first festival was EDC Vegas back in 2014, that’s when my eyes opened and saw how you can control a crowd with great music and transitions. From
That point on i wanted to learn all there was about edm, being from Phoenix Arizona the rave scene and culture was big out there so my first scene was more techno and DnB. Nothing wrong with being a bass head but my passion was with edm and house music. Fast forward to 2020 i bought my own decks and laptop and became my covid hobby until my computer died and put it to the side for a while.

In 2022 i got a new computer and it became a passion again to practice, and play. Studying mostly from you tube and going to countless shows I’ve learned from hearing and videos. Most of my influences are John summit, Sofi tuckker, diplo, Louis the child.
Now finding my own sound i am playing with tech house, Afro house and Chicago house the classics.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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