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Harry B

Harry B is a Chicago-based techno & hardgroove DJ. He started DJing in 2023 after being introduced to the underground electronic scene in Chicago.

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My Story

After spending the majority of his life in rural Western Pennsylvania, Harry first realized his passion for techno after spending a summer abroad in the Netherlands. There, he was introduced to a wide variety of soundscapes outside of the typical styles found within the United States.

After moving to Chicago to pursue a PhD in philosophy, Harry began to attend underground techno events throughout the city, and it was here where he realized his interest in learning how to DJ. His fascination with techno is deeply linked to his philosophical work, which explores the concepts of difference, chaos, duration and consistency. Through DJing, Harry hopes to introduce listeners to these various concepts via his strategic usage of intense, pounding basslines intermixed with more rhythmic and groovy selections.

Despite only beginning his DJ journey in mid-2023, Harry has already played at Primary Nightclub in downtown Chicago, and he hopes to continue honing his craft throughout 2024 and beyond.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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