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About Us

About Us: DelRey Productions and Chicago LSD Radio

Welcome to DelRey Productions and Chicago LSD Radio, where diversity and creativity converge to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of music and entertainment. Founded by Daniel Perez, a proud Gay Latino originally from Aurora, Illinois, now calling Chicago home, our mission is to cultivate a collaborative environment that amplifies the voices and talents of both queer and non-queer music producers, as well as local entertainers.

Daniel Perez: Founder and Visionary

Daniel Perez, a visionary in the Chicago entertainment scene, established DelRey Productions and Chicago LSD Radio with a passion for inclusivity and a commitment to providing a platform for underrepresented artists. Born and raised in Aurora, Daniel's journey brought him to the heart of Chicago, where he recognized the need for a space that embraces diversity in all its forms. As a gay Latino, Daniel's personal experiences fuel his dedication to creating an inclusive haven for artists to thrive and be celebrated.

Daniel's leadership is guided by a vision that transcends boundaries, uniting people through the universal language of music. His tireless efforts have fostered a space where artists from various backgrounds come together to share their unique stories, creating a rich and harmonious tapestry that defines the essence of DelRey Productions and Chicago LSD Radio.

John Espinosa: Co-founder and Resident DJ

Collaborating with Daniel is co-founder John Espinosa, a passionate music enthusiast and resident DJ for Chicago LSD Radio. With a shared commitment to fostering a diverse musical landscape, John brings his expertise and love for music to the forefront. His journey aligns seamlessly with the mission of DelRey Productions, contributing to the vibrant fusion of genres that define our platform.

John's role as a resident DJ not only highlights his talent but also underscores our dedication to showcasing the skills of local entertainers. His eclectic playlists and dynamic sets reflect the inclusive spirit of DelRey Productions and Chicago LSD Radio, providing a sonic journey that resonates with audiences across the spectrum.

Our Collaborative Vision

At DelRey Productions and Chicago LSD Radio, we believe that music is a powerful force that transcends labels and unites individuals. Whether you identify as queer or non-queer, our platform is a celebration of the rich tapestry of human experience. Join us on this exciting journey as we amplify diverse voices, nurture creativity, and create a space where everyone is welcome. Together, we build a community where music is the heartbeat that connects us all.

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